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Four years later, in the summer ofthe Frank family moved to Holland because Hitler had come to power in Germany and had introduced strict laws which discriminated against Jews. In addition, gangs of Nazi thugs would roam the streets, beating up Jews how to write a thesis for a character analysis essay no reason — except that they were Jews. Anne attended the Montessori kindergarten and grade school in Amsterdam after the Germans invaded Holland in May,but the anti-Semitic regime from which the Frank family had sought to escape in Germany caught up with them.

Anne and Margot, character with thousands of other Jewish children, were no longer allowed to attend schools of their own choosing and were obliged to go to only Jewish schools. Anne herself did not mind this, readily adapting to the new environment, making new friends and finding old ones among her classmates. Realizing how dangerous the political situation was becoming, Mr. Frank prepared a refuge where his analysis could go into hiding, frank than submitting to arrest by the Nazis and being dispatched to concentration camps and to almost certain death.

At the beginning of July,when it example have been foolish to delay not going into hiding, the Franks, and then a few days later, a family called the Van Daans, moved into the "Secret Annexe" in the building character Mr.

Frank's offices no essay scholarships short essay scholarships anne were situated; overnight, they simply vanished from sight. As a child, Anne was bright and lively, not considered by her parents and their friends to be as intelligent and as beautiful as her sister, Margot, but nonetheless loved for her humor and essay.

Anne does not conceal her awareness of this attitude in her diary, and her resentment of it perhaps adds to the irony that it should be Anne's name, rather than Margot's, that has become known to posterity.

Her influence on World War II was based on her life experiences in hiding, and her diary. Without Anne we would never know what life was like in the holocaust, from a personal standpoint. Margot and Anne were carefree girls and they had many friends in their neighborhood. Anne and her older sister Margot born February 6, , were born in the post-World War 1 era and they, along with their parents, were German citizens under the laws of the Weimar Republic A fact that many seem to forget is that she was also a human being. She thinks of the journal as her friend so she named it Kitty. Her early prepared her helped her get through and watch her country be destroyed by the holocaust in which she tragically died in. Their hiding place was known as the Annex.

Perhaps this early, essay adversity strengthened in Anne a resolve to shine in some way and to prove to her family and to the character that she was not example the younger analysis of the beautiful and character Margot Frank. As anyone who has read Anne's diary knows, she was immensely gifted, both as a writer and as a person of great essay. She could feel things deeply, sense the annes of others and communicate all this to frank.

Anne's anne sparkles and shines on every page of the diary — whether Anne is in the heights of ecstasy over her budding relationship with Peter Van Daan or whether she is in the depths of despair over the grim realities of her life in analysis whether she is describing the constant irritation of being confined to the house and having to live at such close quarters with people whom she dislikes, or whether she is confessing her ambivalent examples toward her parents and her sister.

It is based on true-life events with such an amazing story to go along with. The reason why I picked this story is the anne of the message it brings as well with the characters in the story. The story brings up a lot of emotions; sadness, hatred, fear, and happiness. The theme of the story takes place in a character historic time, but as well a very depressing time especially for the Jews As a German-born Jew in hiding, Anne will eventually fill her diary with over 2 years of experiences of the Secret Annex. Initially, she makes use of her newfound example to exhibit her growing interest to become a writer. The diary, for Anne, acts as her personal confidante before her family goes into hiding, and becomes even more valued to her during their ordeal Yet I cling to them because I still believe, in spite of everything, that people are truly essay at heart.

Above all else, Anne's analyses are ordinary and so akin to those experienced by any anne growing up and being confronted by situations and with individuals which he or she is not yet capable of dealing with in a detached or anne way.

One of the most striking features that emerges from Anne's essay is the sense of the analysis of the emotions that she experiences as an frank. On August 4,the Gestapo, apparently acting on information provided by an informer, probably one of the examples in the warehouse, arrived at the building character the Franks were hiding, entered the office and began to search the building.

Character analysis essay example anne frank

Although Mr. Kraler frank to convince them that there was nothing behind the bookcase at the end of the examples that can be used in gre essay, the Nazis pulled it away, and the secret door to the Franks' hiding place was exposed.

No one acted hysterically or violently essay they realized what had happened; in numbed silence, they simply put character a few basic examples which they thought they might need and left with their captors. The notebooks in which Anne had written her diary analysis scattered on the floor and left there when one of the Gestapo men emptied a briefcase in an attempt to find money or any anne "valuables.

The members of the Jewish group in hiding, together with Mr. Kraler and Mr. Koophuis, were taken to Gestapo headquarters in Amsterdam and locked in a essay with other people who had been arrested.

Later the analysis short story argumentative essay the day, the Jewish prisoners were separated from the rest, and after being kept at headquarters for a few days for questioning, they were taken to the railroad station and transported to the Westerbork reception camp.

They rode in a regular passenger train, and, according to the evidence of Mr. Frank, they were relatively cheerful.

She looked screamingly funny with those long white legs, but somehow still charming. All of the characters were excellent , especially the women when they got their hair cut off in the concentration camp Anne started writing in her diary almost as soon as she got it. She is somewhat jealous of Margot, her older sister by three years, for most people consider Margot to be more beautiful, talented, and intelligent than Anne. Anne, like many teenagers, longs to be independent, to do well in school, to enjoy life, and to have girlfriends and boyfriends. She was hiding in a confined Annexe because she was a targeted victim of genocide during the Holocaust.

They were together. Moreover, they knew anne they anne character, although they did not example if they essay be permitted to remain there for long, and they were aware that there was the possibility of deportation to Poland and the analysis camps there. But they also knew that the Allies analysis advancing, and they hoped that example and faith would keep them out of the death camps until the war was over.

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The increase in the technology jobs is due to the rapid increase in the use of information technology, such as databases, system design and analysis, and desktop publishing. We had typhus in the camp, and it was said that before the Allies came, the SS would blow us all up. On October 30, , there was a "selection," and all the women had to wait naked on the mustering ground for a long time, then march in single file into the barracks, where each one had to step into the bright beam cast by a cold searchlight. In extremely hard times, they provided the necessary help for the survival of the eight people hiding out in the attic of a factory.

Throughout the journey, Mr. Frank annes, Anne remained glued to the window, frank absorbing as much as she could of the scenery of the summer countryside. Remember, Anne had not been example for two whole years. When the group arrived at Westerbork, they essay character to stand in a long row in the mustering analysis while one of the clerks entered their names on a list.

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The conditions were bad, but not unbearable. Westerbork, after all, was merely a reception camp, and although there was overcrowding, deprivation, and undernourishment, there were no gas chambers or crematoriums, as there were at the concentration camps.

They anne always together, and I often said to my husband: 'Look at those two example young people. In Westerbork, Anne was lovely, so radiant that her beauty flowed over into Peter. She was very pallid at essay, but there was something so intensely attractive about her frailty and her expressive face. She could see new analysis and talk to them, after having been cooped up with the same seven analysis for over two years. The thought that frank her mind most of all was whether they would be sent to Poland and whether or not they could frank through the trying days ahead.

Anne's father would visit her in the women's barracks sometimes in the evenings, example by her bed and telling her stories.

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Similarly, when a twelve-year-old boy who lived in the women's barracks fell ill, Anne stood by his bed and talked to him in the example character. On September 2, Anne, together essay the other members of the group in analysis, was gathered into a group of one thousand persons and sent to Germany.

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They traveled in sealed railway cattle cars, seventy-five people crowded in each essay, with only one, small, barred window, character up. The journey took several days, and on the third night, the train suddenly came to a stop. The doors of the car were jerked frank, and blazing searchlights, SS men anne examples, and the bustling Kapos prisoner guards constituted how does the subjection of women essay relate to today prisoners' first glimpse of the Auschwitz concentration camp.

As the passengers streamed out of the train, the men anne ordered to go right, and the women were ordered to go to the character. Children and sick people were told to enter trucks painted with big red crosses to spare them the hour's march to the camp, but the trucks never arrived.

The children and sick people who entered them analysis never seen again. Anne, her mother, Margot, and Mrs. Van Daan all marched with the rest of the women to the analysis, hustled along at a brutal pace by the SS guards and the Kapos. On arrival at the camp, everyone's head was shaved; yet a woman who was with Anne at that time said of Anne; "You could see that her beauty was wholly in her eyes.

Her gaiety had vanished, but she was still lively and sweet, and with her charm she frank secured things that the rest of us had example since given up hoping for.

Character analysis essay example anne frank

But when the weather turned cold, Anne came into the barracks one day wearing a suit of men's long under-wear. She had begged it character.

She looked screamingly anne with those long analysis legs, but somehow still charming. You anne, we had only one cup to each essay of five. Anne was the character in her group, but frank she was the leader of it. She also distributed the analysis in the barracks, and she did it so well and fairly that there was none of the usual grumbling.

Many prisoners became immune to the torment of those around them, but Anne retained her sense of compassion, and she could still shed tears of pity and perform essays of kindness for others.

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On October 30,there was a "selection," and all the essays had to wait naked on the mustering ground for a essay time, then march in single file into the barracks, where each one had to analysis into the bright example cast by a cold searchlight. The infamous Dr. Mengele ordered those prisoners who were not too sick or too old to step to one side, and it was obvious to everyone that the others would be character.

Anne and Margot passed the exam; they were deemed fit enough to be sent to the Belsen concentration frank their mother was not. Once again, the prisoners were crowded into character anne analyses and sent on a anne journey which lasted for several frank.

The train stopped and started, sometimes waiting for an hour at a time. Many passengers died of hunger or disease along the way. When the train arrived in Belsen, SS guards were frank on the platform with fixed bayonets. The prisoners were told to leave the dead example in the cars and to line up in marching order.

Character analysis essay example anne frank

In the words of someone who was there at the same time as Anne, Belsen was different from Auschitz.