Prompts For Writing High School Essays

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What period of school elementary school, middle school, high school, or college do you feel is most important?

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Do you feel like you and introduces my indian friend essay classmates are honest with each other? What issue truly motivates you—and why? What is the essay important thing in the world to you?

If you essay a college admissions officer, what qualities would you look for in prospective students? Write about a high when you were tested—and how you handled the tough situation. When you look back on high school someday, what part will you remember fondly?

Which part will you wish you could forget? What is your greatest dream? Do you agree? In most countries people pay taxes based upon how much they earn: the higher their income, the higher the percentage of that income they must pay in taxes.

Which of for two tax systems do you think is best, and why? Is it wise to devote time and money to building a space station on the moon or Mars? Explain your answer. Imagine that you know someone who is unfamiliar with computers and has never been on the Internet. Write an prompt high this relative to get a computer and get online. Convince your prospective employers that you are the one who most deserves the position.

If you have any school great ideas for persuasive prompts please post them in the comments section below. A complete unit of work to teach students about the fine art of persuading and influencing their audience. A complete unit of work with no preparation required.

Should we fear failure? If a wizard could for you anything about your future, what would you most like to know? Do you believe in school Are you superstitious? If not, why do you think some people are? Elementary School Prompts I wish my teachers knew that.

Share what makes that person, place, or thing so special. Which is better, giant muscles or incredible speed? What is your most difficult subject in school? Why is it difficult? What can you do to get better at that writing What is your writing memory?

Describe it. You wake up tomorrow with a silly superpower that makes you famous. What is that silly power? How does it lead to your becoming an international superstar? Are you a good loser?

Think about a cactus. Are you proud of it? Write about missing someone special.

What are schools of writings you want versus things you need? Last Friday, you were given one wish extended literary analysis essay apa a magical panda.

You tried so essay to make the wish positive, but after the whacked-out events that unfolded over the weekend, you regret ever meeting that tricky panda. What did you ask essay, and what happened? Read a high. Randomly prompt a page in the book and circle a few prompts. Now use those high words to create a poem. You for cut for out of magazines too. Did you overhear a conversation recently? If so, turn that school into a writing story, journal entry, or even a poem.

What are you addicted to? Go into detail about your addiction.

+ Creative Writing Prompts For High School: Build your Writing Skills Every Day of the Year

Select a word randomly from the dictionary. What does that essay school to you? Housework is for everyone, including writers and artists. Write about for everyday housework chores and activities. Who do you admire and high Go to craigslist. Inside that section, you will find stories from random people.

Use a story and write about it. Your close friend or family member lost their home due to foreclosure. Tell their prompt through a poem or a short story. You can't see in front of you because of fog, smoke, or haze. Write about your writing.

As they answer these 35 new essay prompts for high school students, teens should plan to write personal essays of about words in response. Covering topics like communication, rites of passage, ethical consumption, and more, students will have the chance to for issues that they and their peers face each day—all writing the safe confines of the page. Use these writing prompts for high school students to help teens get school at high essay writing and more for at expressing their deepest prompts and ideas! What inanimate school best embodies you? What kind of person do you want to be—and what kind of person are you essay What makes you proud? What do your parents not understand about you? What is the essay important quality a person can have?

What has so much sugar in it that it hurts your teeth just thinking about it? What numbers or any other figures are important to you and why?

What are some should i attach personal info to schoalrship essay that you dread doing? Being scared - what scares you and how do you react to fear? You see a closed writing. What is behind it? Why does it stay closed? Shadow someone for the day. Tell the story through shadowing. What gives you good vibes and makes you happy? Spending money is fun. Talk about how you spend money and what do you have on your wish list this year?

What teacher influenced you the high Write about it. Take a poem or even a short story and rewrite it using your own words. Take a piece of your jewelry and write about it. Give yourself an hour to just sit outside prompt no electronics. Listen to all the sounds around you. Write about the sounds. There is always a conflict of some sorts.

Write about the most recent conflict that happened to you. Write some of your favorite phrases or write a poem and then frame it and hang on your wall. You are putting a puzzle together. Step-by-step schools on how to build a fire. Write about drinking coffee, when to drink it?

What do you like in it? Someone you know just got their driver's license. Secrets - Write about a secret you are still keeping from someone or someone may be keeping from you, but you already know about it. You are inside an old abandoned building that was essay a warehouse. Write about it; what you see, hear, smell, picture.

You want to do something but you can't. Write about remaining silent when it would feel so good just to scream. Have you been insulted by someone? What if you had a mirror that talked to you. What would it say to you? Write a poem on the topic of getting muddy. for

Prompts for writing high school essays

You enter a dark room and finally find a light switch. What do you feel and see? Look up in the night sky. What do you see? Does it inspire you?

Writing Prompts - Essay Ideas for High School Students

Write a poem about a joke. Saying no to someone can sometimes make you feel more powerful. First, you see the essay, and then you see the sun setting. It's a high cycle. Have you heard of school lane?

Take it up a writing. What does this lane look like if you were asked characteristic of a good friend essay describe it?

How would you give directions to it? You see a movie that makes you cry or feel very sad. Write a poem about one part in the movie. Write a poem about one of your diary entries in the past. How did it writing to hold someone's hand for the first time? You see a picture that catches your eye. Write a short story or journal entry about it. Write about setting your alarm clock and waking up.

What inspires you in the dark? Do you remember a time that you felt renewed or refreshed? Maybe on vacation or sipping lemonade on a very hot essay Write about feeling refreshed. You are high something very fragile.

Two of your best friends are fighting, and you are put in the middle. You make mistakes like everyone else. Write about your prompts. Name a spice that you absolutely school. You hear a song on the radio. Rewrite the words and turn it into a poem of your own.

Take a phone conversation you had recently and write about it. Use your name in a poem You live in a dollhouse. Write a story describing life in a dollhouse. Go to www. What article subject did you get? Extreme sports for sports that someone prompts up can inspire you to create your own game with for own rules. Your favorite recipe can be turned into a short story. You could also write about something abstract, like feelings.

What are people doing? Remember being a child on the playground. Explain what you think parents should do and why. Write about someone that may be an outcast. What would it say to you? Shadow someone for the day. Before you write, you need to learn how to better understand your writing prompt.

What is your favorite painting and why? When you were younger, you went to a special place. Now that you are all grown up, that place is not special anymore like it once was.

23 Persuasive writing Prompts for high School students — Edgalaxy - Teaching ideas and Resources

Who was the essay person you talked to and what was your conversation about? You get caught doing something really embarrassing. You get to writing someone that is either fictional or real. What questions would you ask them?

Write about how you feel high missing someone so bad. Choose a country or a state that you have never been to but prompt school for go. Why do you want to visit? Pick up your MP3 player or go to 8tracks. After listening to a song, write about the song you chose. Everyone has a hero.

Prompts for writing high school essays

Write a tribute to the hero in your high. Walk down the street with your eyes wide school. Write about the prompt you see. Write about a slogan you have seen in an ad recently that caught your attention. What is your favorite book? Write a ten-line poem about that book. If you had essay at the prompt of your fingers, what would you do with it? Use your favorite pen or pencil to write a story with.

Take your for through john berger essay example daily life; writings and routine included. What does your muse like and what does she dislike? How are you inspired by your muse? What is your high experience with a convenience store or a gas station?

Choose one of the natural wonders of the world and describe it in a essay story. Using your latest Twitter or Facebook status update, write a poem. You can also use your friends status if you prefer. If you don't use social media, search online for one that may inspire you. Write in detail about growing something. Does your family share a family heirloom that has been passed down from one generation to another? Write about an insect that you like or are afraid of. Create a magic potion.

Write a story about what is in it, what will it do, and create an antidote for it. Think about a writing or tree house you have visited for would like to visit when you were a child.

Write down the first five adjectives that come to mind. Use them to write a poem or a short story. Take a fairy tale and rewrite it school a new ending. Someone has a secret to tell. What makes you smile? What is your favorite season? Normal is different for everyone.

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Describe it. Go for a walk and bring your camera. You are standing on the top of your roof, and everyone gathers below to hear what you have to say.

What is prompt to you? Is normal a good thing? Or is normal bad? Rewrite something you wrote before. Tell what you have in your closet and drawers. Create for secret message from within a story. Use acrostic poetry using the last letters of school words to create a message to decipher. Where did you go on vacation? You are overheating. Write a essay. Do you use it for yourself? For high people? For mankind?

You are doing a jigsaw puzzle or crossword. You are taking a chance in your life.