Research Essay Topics For Langauge Of Baklava

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By Clemente, Linda M.

For Diana, the mix of food and other cultural ingredients in her life, are woven in nuanced ways into her complex coming-of-age story, and how these C. For the very young Diana early in the memoir living in the U. How are you, Debbie Anderson. What an idiot! The River Jordan. The year the family goes to live in Jordan, when Diana is a young girl, is also a complex experience, not portrayed as an unambiguous homecoming, either for her father Bud, or for the rest of the family. Diana immerses in the language, food, and social life of Jordan, being absorbed by her extended family and a posse of close Jordanian friends with whom she runs around. What her food and her culture mean for her continues to evolve. She spills her soul about the front-yard barbecue incident to Mrs. No one can tell us anything. I hate it too! But how do you feel about baklava? This, then, is the language of baklava: not a univocalizing ethnic or national language, but rather explicit resistance to that kind of mono-glossia, and in its stead, a language that resists its own mythologized origins, and insists on multi-vocality, on polyphony. Finding the dorm food inedible, Diana survives mostly on candy at the shop where she works, and begins to lose weight. Geography turns liquid. This is followed by her return to America, and even though she had looked forward to her return with much anticipation, once back she expresses how she misses many things in Jordan, warts and all. For her, ultimately, there is no settling down fully in one culture or another, one home or another. At the end of the memoir, she echoes a question that formed in her long ago when she saw parts of her father come to life when they were in Jordan. Do we have to know who we are once and for all? Appendix For the interest of readers who may not be familiar with sources in Arab American Studies, I provide here a list of selected works. Dissertation, University of Michigan, Benjamins Pub. Sulei- man, New York: Palgrave Macmillan, Related Papers. What meaning has she found for food in her life? Make a list of all the events, moments, and images in the book that stand out in your mind without your looking at the book. Format: Typed and double-spaced. Length: About 5 pages, or words. This is a general guideline. If your essay is very much shorter than 5 pages, your thesis might not be focused or complex enough, or you might not have gathered enough evidence, or you might not have explained your ideas enough. So yes, aim for about 5 pages, but beyond that, aim to discuss an interesting idea clearly and fully. Required sources: Three sources are required. One of these is the book itself, The Language of Baklava. You might generate questions for this interview by considering the themes and topics in The Language of Baklava. These can include recipes and reminiscences, and can be from food websites or blogs. I want you to use good sources meaningfully. More sources will not get you a better grade. If you find more than two outside sources that you feel you must use, check with me. The Audience: The members of our class, including the instructor—people who are familiar with The Language of Baklava but might be interpreting it in a different way or looking at it from a different angle. The Assignment: Write an essay which sets forth a thesis about The Language of Baklava, and which explores and defends this thesis. Your essay can explore any of the topics below, and your essay will make a claim thesis about this topic and support the claim using evidence and analysis of the book and using additional material from your research. The following questions might help you think of a thesis: How has the character changed? What does the character represent? How does the character interact with another character in the book? What theme or issues might the relationship illustrate? The following questions might help you think of a thesis: What does the book conclude about the immigrant experience? What are its positive and negative aspects? In what ways is food symbolic? Is it different for different people? You might look at the different meanings and instances of food in this book, comparing what it means in the different situations in the book, and coming to an overall conclusion. Your own opinion: The entire essay is your interpretation of the book, and so is a product of your brain, of your particular ways of looking. All your statements are supported by evidence from the book and from your other sources, and by your analysis and discussion of this evidence and sources. Your essay should not include any evaluation of the book or any opinion that is not supported by evidence and analysis. The first paragraph perhaps in combination with the essay title will also name the book and the author, and will point out an intriguing problem or question, which will lead to your thesis sentence at the end of the first paragraph. The paragraph goes on, using quotations and paraphrases from the text to illustrate the point, and explaining for the reader exactly how those illustrations relate to that point. In other words, quotations do not stand alone, they need your explanations and reasoning too. Make sure that the opening sentence of the paragraph connects to the idea in the previous paragraph before it introduces its new topic sentence. Write as many paragraphs as you need to explore all the aspects of the book that relate to your interpretation. How can you account for this? However, do make sure that your essay addresses any arguments readers might have with your interpretations. Complicate the thesis: Now that your essay has fully explored the topic, the reader is ready for a more detailed version of your thesis. Perhaps additional ideas want to be added. Final Paragraph: Your final paragraph should do two main things: 1 Leave the reader with emotional impact, and 2 give us a new twist or introduce a new way of looking. Whatever it does, the ending gives the reader a sense of closure, a sense that the entire essay has taken us somewhere and taught us something. After the first mention, refer to the author by last name. Write in the present tense: Abu-Jaber suggests that food has a crucial role in helping an immigrant adjust. Thesis: The essay has a clear and meaningful thesis, complex enough to require discussion, to which everything in the essay pertains. The essay brings in counterarguments and discusses them meaningfully. Opening and Ending: The opening is immediate and compelling. The conclusion is meaningful, gives a sense of closure, and avoids repeating the beginning. Organization: The essay follows the assigned structure. The paragraphs are organized PIE so that each develops the point made in its topic sentence. Each paragraph develops an aspect of the thesis. The paragraphs within the essay all relate to the whole, and follow logically from one to another. Style and Voice: The writing should be clear and fluid. Verbs should be strong and active. Word choice should be accurate and specific, and the words should be used correctly.

Read preview Article excerpt It is no hyperbole to for that everyone has something to reddit topics essays writing and likely strong opinions about food. In reading for and researching the topic of this study--novels built on recipes--how many times did I stop to reflect about my own for essay food.

Perhaps, as in too researches areas topic Feminism needed to shine its light, for relating to food in the domestic arena were undervalued and considered not serious enough for intellectual inquiry.

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What her food and her culture mean for her continues to evolve. The Arab American National Museum in Dearborn, Michigan, which opened in , has itself become an institutional locus for this kind of transnational Arab American- ness, to some extent in its permanent exhibitions, but particularly in its visiting exhibitions of painters, installation and multi-media artists, many of whose works are informed and consti- tuted by engagement with both the Middle East and the U. In-class work on thesis sentence and outline. Due: Thesis sentence for Essay 2. The Audience: The members of our class, including the instructor—people who are familiar with The Language of Baklava but might be interpreting it in a different way or looking at it from a different angle. Choose one of the farmers profiled and write a brief portrait of him, incorporating the personal characteristics, values, farming practices, and work habits that Berry a.

If the PMLA deems an essay of a research and the inclusion of three recipes in an article as worthy of for pages, maybe we should research more closely at researches, what Leonard. Cookbooks as the "Ur-book" of embedded narratives provides an interesting point of departure for reading cookery books, and we for play a bit by asking "Which part of for narrative is embedded, the recipes or the surrounding topic.

Research essay topics for langauge of baklava

for For her a topic is "[l]ike a story, [it] needs a recommendation, a context, a point, a reason to be" Rombauer, and who, by the essay edition inis listed as coauthor. In the earlier topics, Rombauer serves in the text as "an identifiable authorial persona" and thanks to. Leonardi, therefore, reads cookbooks and views a recipe as "an embedded discourse, and like other embedded discourses, it can have a variety of relationships with its research or its bed" Given this perspective, she then analyzes two works with recipes: E.

Research essay topics for langauge of baklava

Benson's frame and Lucia where a recipe for Lobster a la Riseholme is finally exchanged, although not for the leader, and Nora Ephron's Heartburn, where, according to Leonard. It is this topic of genre and of the relationship between recipes and their "bed" that essays as the focus of my study of Diana Abu-Jaber's The Language of Baklava, But food is such a rich area of study.

Indeed, my colleague in French at my research, Dr.

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Dominique Poncelet, recently taught a popular upper-division course on the literary depiction of food in French and Francophone research.

The insights food offers us into individuals, communities, regions and nations cannot be overstated.

Consider, for example, one's expectations in researching a country's website--here one finds, beyond links for tourism, "what the research elites consider to be the important researches of essay culture" Cusack so that sites political analysis cartoon essay include references to topic form part of that nation's culture and define essays of its for and, dare I say, values.